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Star Sign: Pisces
Status: Happily married to Steph
Started at Vanilla : May 1999
Position: Manager
Fav film: Don't really watch movies, prefer a good box set
Fav food: Spicy hot curries, Stephs roast dinner, smelly strong cheese
Likes: music, dancing,travelling,lazy days in bed, walking lulu, horse riding
Dislikes: Rudeness, jealousy, drama
Mission In Life : Continue with my life as it is, drama free, happy & in love, enjoying family & friends

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Star Sign: Sagittarius
Status: In a relationship
Started at Vanilla: 2007
Position: General Manager
Favourite Film: The Punisher
Favourite Food:Maccys Breakfast
Likes: Music, making a tit out of myself and staying out
Dislikes:Uptight people and Bad Manners
Fav Drink: Kraken
Mission In life: Work Hard Play Harder

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Star Sign: Pisces
Status: In a relationship
Started at Vanilla: August 2015 
Position: Duty Manager
Fav Food: Ice cream
Likes: House music, sunshine, smiley people and sausage dogs.
Dislikes: Hangovers , early mornings and being poor
fave drink: Classic Mojito
Mission In Life: Being who I want to be not who others want to see!

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Star Sign : Scorpio
Status : In a relationship
Started At Vanilla : March 2013
Position : Duty manager
Favourite Film: PS I Love You
Favourite Food : Indian,Ice Cream
Likes : Pink and Emeli Sande
Dislikes : Rude People, manners cost nothing
Fav Drink : Jager Bombs, Malibu
Mission in Life : To have a happy loving life and to meet Pink and Emeli Sande

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Star Sign: Pisces

Position: Bar staff & Body Piercer 
Fav food: Healthy home cooking or a Dirty takeaway
Likes: Shopping, fashion, music, tattoos, travelling and chilling out when i get a chance
Dislikes: Narrow minded people, Rudeness and drama

Fave Drink: Bubbles.. Ive got expensive taste
Mission In Life : Work hard, Play hard.

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Star sign:  Aries

Status : Single

Started at Vanilla- Pride 2010
Position:  DJ
Fave Film:  The Help
Fave Food:  My Mums Sunday Roast
Likes- Difference, Quirkiness Politeness and Smiles!
Dislikes- Rudeness and Arrogance
Fave Drink- Kopperburg Strawberry and Lime
Mission in Life- Believe to Achieve

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Steph Kay

Star Sign: Taurus
Status: Married to Mel
Opened Vanilla Dec 1998
Position: Owner
Fav food: Cheese, Pies and Mash
Likes: Espania, Laughing with my mates, Lulu my pup
Dislikes: Buying petrol, Drinks with no ice, Jealousy and the Dentist
Fav Drink: Smirnoff diet vimto and water
Mission In Life : to Live, Love and Protect

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Steffi B

Star Sign: Taurus
Status: In a relationship
Position: DJ
Fav food: Steak medium rare
Likes: People who make polite song requests
Dislikes: The goat people who blubber their requests
Fav Drink: Red wine with my steak or Jim Beam Maple
Mission In Life : Never self pity

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Star Sign: Libra
Status: Single pringle ready to mingle
Started at Vanilla: Aug 2014
Position: (dancing bouncer) Door Supervisor
Favourite Film: Back to the Future
Favourite Food: Sunday dinner/Chinese
Likes: Honest people and Man Utd
Dislikes: Liars and Man City
Fav Drink: Sex on the Beach
Mission In life: To be happy

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